AGATHÓN is an Open Access Scientific International Journal of Architecture, Art and Design (published by Palermo University Press with DEMETRA Ce.Ri.Med), a half-year tool for information and critical training; it aims to contribute to the growth and dissemination of knowledge in the themes covered by Architecture, Engineering, Art and (product and visual) Design. Therefore, the Journal represents a scientific place where Authors, who have carried out original research, can find an opportunity to spread their contributions. Each issue of the Journal includes essays and research works on a specific theme, unpublished works and not submitted for publication with other publishers.
The Journal through its internal Board promotes and monitors the double-blind peer review process as a method of selecting articles, providing a mandatory form for reporting. The contributions are published in English and Italian language so that they can be placed in the widest range of international scientific community. Founding principles of the Journal are the originality/innovation, the relevance of the investigated topic for the advancement of knowledge, the knowledge and ability to use literature, the methodological rigor, the content clarity and presentation style, the impact on the scientific community, but also the easy accessibility and the wide diffusion of the articles; furthermore, the Journal is open to speculative empirical and descriptive research, about phenomena that present new characters, at least for certain important features. 



Published articles are inserted into one of the following sections:
“Focus” (by invitation for well-known Authors and/or experts in the subject)
“Architecture” (architectural and interior design, urban planning, engineering, technology, history, recovery, restoration, exhibition and museum design, representation)
“Art” (modern and contemporary)
“Design” (for industry, crafts and communication)
and are classified into the following categories: “Essays & Viewpoint”, “Research & Experimentation”, “Review Articles” or “Dialogues”.



AGATHÓN publishes, both electronically and in print, two issues per year, in June and December. The first issue was published in June 2017 and since then the programmed issues have been produced regularly. To encourage the publication of contributions by Authors with primary affiliation to Universities and Research Institutions in countries defined by the World Bank as low-income and lower-middle income economies, AGATHÓN will select a maximum of two Authors to publish their contribution for free, subject to the positive outcome of the double-blind peer-review process. 


Each Agathón issue is downloadable for free at the link


Scientific Directors
Giuseppe De Giovanni | University of Palermo, Italy
Cesare Sposito | University of Palermo, Italy

Managing Director
Micaela Maria Sposito 

International Scientific Committee
Alfonso Acocella (University of Ferrara, Italy), Jose Ballesteros (Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain), Roberto Bologna (University of Firenze, Italy), Tarek Brik (University of Tunis, Tunisia), Tor Broström (Uppsala University, Sweden), Josep Burch i Rius (University of Girona, Spain), Alicia Castillo Mena (Complutense University of Madrid, Spain), Jorge Cruz Pinto (University of Lisbon, Portugal), Maria Antonietta Esposito (University of Firenze, Italy), Emilio Faroldi (Polytechnic University of Milano, Italy), Giovanni Fatta (University of Palermo, Italy), Francisco Javier Gallego Roca (University of Granada, Spain), Pierfranco Galliani (Polytechnic University of Milano, Italy), Javier García-Gutiérrez Mosteiro (Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain), Motomi Kawakami (Tama Art University, Japan), Walter Klasz (University of Art and Design Linz, Austria), Inhee Lee (Pusan National University, South Corea), Mario Losasso (‘Federico II’ University of Napoli, Italy), Maria Teresa Lucarelli (Mediterranea University of Reggio Calabria, Italy), Renato Teofilo Giuseppe Morganti (University of L’Aquila, Italy), Olimpia Niglio (Hokkaido University, Japan), Marco Rosario Nobile (University of Palermo, Italy), Roberto Pietroforte (Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA), Carmine Piscopo (‘Federico II’ University of Napoli, Italy), Paolo Portoghesi (‘Sapienza’ University of Roma, Italy), Patrizia Ranzo (‘Luigi Vanvitelli’ University of Napoli, Italy), Dominique Roullard (École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture Paris Malaquais, France), Luigi Sansone (Art Reviewer, Milano), Andrea Sciascia (University of Palermo, Italy), Federico Soriano Pelaez (Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain), Benedetta Spadolini (University of Genova, Italy), Conrad Thake (University of Malta), Francesco Tomaselli (University of Palermo, Italy), Maria Chiara Torricelli (University of Firenze, Italy).

Editor in Chief
Francesca Scalisi (DEMETRA Ce.Ri.Med., Italy)

International Editorial Board
Mario Bisson (Polytechnic University of Milano, Italy), Tiziana Campisi (University of Palermo, Italy), Clice de Toledo Saniar Mazzilli (University of São Paulo, Brazil), Giuseppe Di Benedetto (University of Palermo, Italy), Ana Esteban-Maluenda (Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain), Raffaella Fagnoni (IUAV, Italy), Antonella Falzetti (‘Tor Vergata’ University of Roma, Italy), Rubén García Rubio (Tulane University, USA), Manuel Gausa (University of Genova, Italy), Pilar Cristina Izquierdo Gracia (Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain), Pedro António Janeiro (University of Lisbon, Portugal), Massimo Lauria (Mediterranea University of Reggio Calabria, Italy), Ina Macaione (University of Basilicata, Italy), Francesco Maggio (University of Palermo, Italy), Elodie Nourrigat (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture Montpellier, France), Elisabetta Palumbo (RWTH Aachen University, Germany), Frida Pashako (Epoka University of Tirana, Albania), Julio Cesar Perez Hernandez (University of Notre Dame du Lac, USA), Pier Paolo Peruccio (Polytechnic University of Torino, Italy), Rosa Romano (University of Firenze, Italy), Monica Rossi-Schwarzenbeck (Leipzig University of Applied Sciences, Germany), Dario Russo (University of Palermo, Italy), Marco Sosa (Zayed University, United Arab Emirates), Zeila Tesoriere (University of Palermo, Italy), Antonella Trombadore (World Renewable Energy Network, UK), Gaspare Massimo Ventimiglia (University of Palermo, Italy), Antonella Violano (‘Luigi Vanvitelli’ University of Campania, Italy), Alessandra Zanelli (Polytechnic University of Milano, Italy).

Assistant Editor
Santina Di Salvo (ICOMOS, Italy)

Graphic Designer
Michele Boscarino

Executive Graphic Designers
Agnese Abbaleo, Antonella Chiazza, Paola La Scala 

Web Editor
Pietro Artale (startstudio)

Past Scientific Director
Alberto Sposito (1939-2018) | Full Professor Emeritus of Architectural Technology at the Department of Architecture (University of Palermo), he was Scientific Director of the DEMETRA International Journal and of the SPIGOLATURE series, Coordinator of the PhD in Recovery and Enjoyment of Ancient Contexts at the University of Palermo and member of the International Scientific Council of the Biennale of Archeology, he was co-founder and President of Euro-Mediterranean Documentation and Research Centre (DEMETRA Ce.Ri.Med.). He promoted national and international conferences on the issues of conservation, enhancement and fruition of cultural heritage. He has published numerous articles and essays on the transformation processes of the built environment, on the natural and artificial materials involved in the conservative processes of cultural heritage, deepening their historical and technological knowledge.