Demetra Ce.Ri.Med. is the promoter of the publishing series in “PROJECT | Essays and Researches” published by Palermo University Press. The volumes, which collect essays and research in English, are all subjected to the double-blind peer review process and are published in both print and digital version; the volumes can be viewed and downloaded for free in .pdf format on the publisher website.

Open Access Publishing Series in
PROJECT | Essays and Researches
ISSN (print): 2704-6087
ISSN (online): 2704-615X 

Editor in Chief
Cesare Sposito (University of Palermo)

International Scientific Committee
Carlo Atzeni (University of Cagliari), Jose Ballesteros (Polytechnic University of Madrid), Mario Bisson (Polytechnic of Milano), Tiziana Campisi (University of Palermo), Maurizio Carta (University of Palermo), Xavier Casanovas (Polytechnic of Catalunya), Giuseppe De Giovanni (University of Palermo), Clice de Toledo Sanjar Mazzilli (University of São Paulo), Giuseppe Di Benedetto (University of Palermo), Manuel Gausa (University of Genova), Pedro António Janeiro (University of Lisbon), Massimo Lauria (University of Reggio Calabria), Francesco Maggio(University of Palermo), Antonino Margagliotta (University of Palermo), Renato Teofilo Giuseppe Morganti (University of L’Aquila), Elodie Nourrigat (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture Montpellier), Frida Pashako (Epoka University of Tirana), Monica Rossi-Schwarzenbeck (Leipzig University of Applied Sciences), Rubén García Rubio (Tulane University, New Orleans), Dario Russo (University of Palermo), Francesca Scalisi (DEMETRA Ce.Ri.Med.), Andrea Sciascia (University of Palermo), Marco Sosa (Zayed University, Abu Dhabi), Paolo Tamborrini (Polytechnic of Torino), Marco Trisciuoglio (Polytechnic of Torino)

The volumes published in the open-access publishing series are:

Scalisi, F. (ed.) (2021), A new life for Landscape, Architecture and Design, Palermo University Press, Palermo. [Online] Available for free